World Record Ski Streak--Most continuous weeks AND months of downhill skiing ever recorded ©

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Timberline on Mt. Hood, Sep 2000
US Olympian, Donna Weinbrecht Timberline's Posted Warning
US gold medal Olympian
Donna Weinbrecht being
a good sport with me.
Click the pic for story
Mt. Hood Timberline's grim
posted warning.


Snowbird..... Winter and Summer 
Little Cloud Hot July Day
Little Cloud jump on a
picture perfect day.
Between the rocks at Pipeline Bowl.

Winter 2001 and Summer 2000 
Big GS flyer My Mogul Mentor
Letting it all hang out
on Regulator Johnson!
My Mogul Mentor, Jon O'Brien.
"Grasshopper; take this pole
from my hand...."


Snowboarding: regular or REALLY goofy 
Me boarding This is SICK
Had to slip in a boarding pic
from a Snowbird day.
How sick is this? A narrow
monoboard with a tele setup?


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